Café "Lira"

We have been at 6/10 Vitolu since our inception in 1962 and, as one of the oldest cafes in Liepaja, we are proudly upholding our heritage of providing customers with not only delicious meals and drinks, but sharing a unique atmosphere of connectedness, fond memories, and continuity.

Our rich legacy is well-known at home and abroad.  Travelers from Russia and other countries pay their tribute to the “tastiest pancakes one can ever try”.  Of course, our menu consists of many other delectable choices of appetizers, entre dishes, and desserts.  Yet, our signature service involves not only cooking and serving superb meals, but making sure that the culinary tastes of our customers are met 100% and more.  We go out of our way to fulfill every possible gastronomic wish of our customers and are ready to prepare and serve meals even outside of our regular menu.

Our premises can spaciously and graciously hold banquets for 30-40 people. As well we can hold funeral repast for up to 75 persons.

In addition, we eagerly take orders for baking cakes ensuring that each cake is unique in its shape, size, and decor -- all of which is specified by our clients directly to us.

Please join us in our Café for a delicious meal and one-of-a-kind experience!